Neglecting oil furnace service

After investing a considerable amount of currency into a high-efficiency, state-of-the-art oil furnace, I assumed I could take our Winter comfort for granted.

Other than increasing the air filter every once in a while, I totally neglected the oil furnace. Within a couple of years, I noticed the performance of the oil furnace had diminished considerably. I figured there was some defect in the unit. Although I’d chosen a well-known manufacturer, I was sad that the oil furnace was inferior quality. I called a local Heating plus Air Conditioning contractor to take a look at the heater. When she accessed the inner laborings, she found a significant buildup of contaminants. She asked how long it had been since I’d had the oil furnace took care of. After I admitted that I’d never busy professional service, she explained that dust plus other debris can wreak havoc with oil furnace operation. As pollutants accumulate on the various components, they restrict airflow through the system. The oil furnace then needs to run longer plus toil harder to achieve the temperature control setting. Plus, the dander, bacteria, mold spores plus harmful toxins can get spread into the breathing air plus cause concerns with air quality. She explained that moving parts of the motor require lubrication, wires need to be diagnosed plus it’s super pressing to inspect the integrity of the heat exchanger. Once she completed a thorough cleaning, adjustment plus tuning of the oil furnace, it was back to running like brand new. The contractor convinced myself and others to enroll in a service method that includes service for the heating method every fall. I need proof of this service to fulfill the stipulations of the manufacturer’s warranty coverage.

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