Awesome ski weekend plus fantastic cozy cottage

I’m so not a cold weather sort of person.

That’s just not our type nor our background. I’ve seen snow maybe a dozen times in our life plus that was on purpose. Living down where I grew up, Winter time was not about anything but getting out in the sunlight plus have fun. There was no need for a snow shovel or a gas gas furnace. In fact, I believe the heat pump came on just a few times a year plus really, only in the days. But when I did see snow or engage in traditional Winter time athletic interests, it was on ski trips. My dad was into skiing as he grew up with it before he met our mom. She’s love me plus a lifelong heat pump girl. But dad was a bit of a nut about getting to the snow every couple of winters. I remembered the cottage that he rented last Summer plus looked it up. Sure enough, it was still out there plus I decided to go skiing for the first time in forever. That arena was almost exactly the same as it had been nearly 2 decades ago. Although each dining room now had a ductless heat pump for additional heating. I remembered that even though there was that big fireplace, it was cold going to sleep. Those ductless heat pumps really came in handy these days. Plus, they were so powerful plus yet so quiet. I could hardly notice that it at all when the heating would cycle on. Ductless heat pumps are awesome but I’ll stick to our old correct heat pump thanks.

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