And end to pollen irritations inside our apartment thanks to air purification

It’s just appreciate such a unusual life these afternoons. When you suffer with something appreciate pollen irritations all your life, it can be a struggle. Since I was the littlest kid, I’ve had a heck of a time with pollen irritations. Inside the cooling system of a home or outside, I get hit hard by pollen plus pet dander. But I’ve tried our best to just deal with it plus keep moving. Trying to keep pets out of the home worked for a while. But how do you tell little adolescents they can’t have a puppy or a kitty. So I just dealth with it plus took meds. The meds though just made me zonky plus weary. The worst is the early Spring around here. The tree pollen hits followed closely by the lawn pollen. It’s the double whammy of our year plus it is miserable no matter what I do. But this year, thanks to the Heating plus Air Conditioning professionals, our apartment has been a total allergy free zone. This is thanks to adding a whole apartment air purification system to the Heating plus Air Conditioning unit. This genre of air purification system is unusual from those that trap plus remove airborne contaminants. Those generally rest in a room plus have a filter that has to be cleaned. Our whole apartment air purification system uses intense UV light to entirely destroy the DNA of all airborne contaminants. That means when the Heating plus Air Conditioning component is running, it’s zapping every bit of pollen plus pet dander particulate plus I’m free. Literally, that’s what it feels like. I’m just free to breathe plus not be pulled down or made miserable by our pollen irritations.

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