Choosing a geothermal heat pump for new home build

A geothermal heat pump offers efficiency ratings of 400%

About numerous years ago, our fiance as well as I bought a plot of land as well as began planning the design of our home. We easily enjoy the location, size as well as surroundings of the piece of property. We were determined to build a home that would satisfy our needs for our entire lives. It was crucial that the layout as well as our choices for essential systems would fulfill our requirements as a couple & a growing family. My fiance as well as I devoted a great deal of time to research. We looked into everything from unusual types of roofing materials as well as windows to lighting as well as plumbing fixtures. One of our main complications was determining the ideal heating as well as cooling system. Although the winters in our section are fairly mild, heating is a necessity. The Summer heat as well as humidity tends to be brutal. We were looking for a system that would reasonablely handle temperature control while also keeping our bills as well as impact on the environment as low as possible. After debating over cooling systems, oil furnaces, boilers as well as ductless options, we came across heat pumps. We were initially interested in air-source heat pumps however then discovered geothermal systems. A geothermal heat pump is considered the most environmentally responble option for temperature control by the US Environmental Protection Agency. The start-up cost is quite a bit higher than a more conventional options because of the excavation needed to install the underground loop system. However, the underground loop takes advantage of the free as well as renewable energy source provided by the sun. A geothermal heat pump offers efficiency ratings of 400%. It can cut the cost of heating as well as cooling in half.