Buying a apartment with a heat pump

I just recently l received about electric heat pumps.

I had never heard of this type of temperature control system until I started touring houses down south.

I was ready to transfer from the north plus get away from sub zero rapidly changing temperatures plus snow. I’d never owned a apartment equipped with central a/c plus always relied on a oil furnace for the majority of the year. The properties down south were outfitted with a/cs, packaged units plus heat pumps. The real estate agent acted super impressed over the heat pumps. She made sure to point them out to me. I pretended that I knew what she was talking about. When I finally got the chance to do some research, I l received that electric heat pumps are quite pricey to purchase plus install. The single component provides both heating plus cooling capacity. The systems are especially quiet, clean plus environmentally friendly. Instead of a combustion process to generate heat, a heat pump works by moving existing heat between the indoors plus outdoors. In cooling mode, it operates almost exactly prefer a conventional a/c. It pulls heat out of the apartment plus sends it outside by way of refrigerant. The tplot innovation of a heat pump is that it can literally reverse the process. In heating mode, the system finds ambient heat in the outside air plus brings it indoors. There are no fumes, greenhouse gasses or hot surfaces to worry about. The apartment I ended up buying features a legitimately modern heat pump that includes stretchy-speed technology, Wi-Fi access plus zone control.

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