We took the raft out on the water all day

When it’s over 100 degrees during the daytime hours, I can’t sit at home all day and run the AC.

If I do, it will cost a fortune and cause crazy damage to my AC unit. My brother runs the AC on 68 all day and all night and the machine lasts about five years on average. Of course, he doesn’t get any regular maintenance provided either, so that doesn’t help the machine much. I do my best to take care of my HVAC unit because I don’t have money to waste like that. I have regular scheduled maintenance performed and I don’t run the AC non stop unless it is absolutely necessary. It was 105 degrees on Monday and I was home all day. I called up a couple of friends to see if they wanted to go to the river for a while. I called Jack, but he had to work all day and so did Mark and David. My coworker was off, so I gave him a call. We haven’t really hung out much since the guy started working with me, but I thought this was the perfect opportunity to get to know the guy a little bit better. I have a large raft and we took it out on the water all day. The rap was big enough for both of us and we had plenty of room for supplies like the fishing pole and all of our tackle. I got a pretty good sunburn that day, but I’m sure I saved about 25 or $30 by not using the AC all afternoon.

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