The showers in the locker room were very relaxing.

If I had to choose 1 local gym as my favorite, it would be the 1 I visited last week

I have been in several gyms over the past thirty years, and I do not care for the idea of needing to use the showers in the locker room. There have been locker rooms that stinked of bleach because they kept the showers cleaned, and other stink of dirty feet and perspiration. Some locker room showers have water that is so hot it can almost peel your skin. The worst area of this, is when the hot water is hot and the pressure of the water is so strenuous that your skin peels even without the heat. I headed to work after a hard workout at the local gym. The water pressure was so strenuous that my skin hurt and my muscles were rebelling. The following day, I was in a bizarre local gym that had very little water pressure, and I felt just as dirty when I got out of the water as before I got in, but last week, I visited a local gym I had never been to before. I walked into the locker room when I was done with my workout. I turned on the shower, and it was warm, perfect water pressure and very relaxing. I wished every local gym I visited could be this perfect. I had been going to gyms for the last twenty years and reviewing their facilities. If I had to choose 1 local gym as my favorite, it would be the 1 I visited last week. Their locker room very impressed me. I would not transfer to any 1 particular area because of the local gym’s locker room, but this 1 would swing the decision, if I had to move.