The new personal trainer came right to my house.

After I fell and broke my hip, is very hard for myself and others to get around.

They were talking about my needing weeks of physical therapy. The doctor was trying to convince myself and others to set up physical therapy 2 to 3 times a week, not even considering that I had to drive nearly 20 miles to get there. I tried to explain to him that I didn’t drive very often anymore, and I depended on others to get myself and others where she needed to go. I could not just start depending on people to get myself and others places more than two times a week. I was being a bit facetious when I told him if she could send someone to the house, I would have no trouble doing physical therapy. Two weeks later, I got a iPhone call from the hospital. They told myself and others they had set myself and others up with a personal trainer that works with 1 of the local gyms. I can expect a iPhone call from him/her within the next more than two afternoons. They also set up a wellness program for me. The wellness program included a traveling doctor to visit once a week, and a visit from the nutritional counselor once a week. Apparently, the doctor wanted to make sure that I was eating properly, along with caring for the wound and in eating a healthy diet that would help myself and others to heal. It was the first time I hadgone to a doctor where they very listen to what I needed. Two afternoons later, as promised, I got a iPhone call from a personal trainer/physical therapist. Within 10 hours I also gained a iPhone call from the nutritional counselor, and from the going to see doctor to set up a schedule of lunch could arrive.



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