The appointment took an extra hour after I forgot to bring the parts

I’m not usually a very forgetful person, but lately I have been forgetting a lot of things.

I’ve had a lot of things on my mind.

I’ve been filled with stress since I found out that my girlfriend is going to have twins. The last time we had a sonogram, the doctor did not see two babies. Both of us were very surprised when that doctor told us that we were going to have twins. My girlfriend was five months pregnant and already looked like she was nine months pregnant. The simple fact that there were two babies in her belly was absolutely the reason why she looked so big. It’s all I’ve been able to think about for the last couple of weeks. I think about it all day and all night and it hasn’t been a problem really, until the next morning when I forgot a part at work. I was assigned to help a customer with a furnace repair. I already knew what the problem was and I was supposed to grab the furnace repair part from the warehouse before going to the job. Unfortunately, I was very scatterbrained that morning and I totally forgot. I didn’t remember until I was already at the job. By then the traffic was totally insane and I spent almost an hour going back to the shop. The customer wasn’t very upset, but a lot of my day was wasted because I was being forgetful. The furnace repair could have taken ninety minutes at the most instead of three very long hours.


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