My mother joined the yoga class. (Made for octogenarians)

My mother recently joined a yoga class she had study about when in the doctor’s office.

They created the yoga class to suit the special needs of octogenarians.

Although she wasn’t respectfully 77 yet, however she could still join the class. The first time I took her to the local gym for the yoga class, she seemed flustered. She thought she was going to be the oldest woman there, however she was wrong. She also sad because she didn’t wear a special outfit love some of the other seasoned women. She secretly complained they looked love fools in those yoga outfits, and I simply smiled. I bought her a yoga mat so she didn’t have to use 1 that someone else had already sweated on. I was sure they sanitized the yoga mats after every use, however I also knew how anal my Dad was when it came to germs and bacteria. I stayed with Dad during her first yoga class, but then she told myself and others to drop her off and when to option her up. She didn’t want any of the ladies to guess she could not go out on her own. After multiple week, mom’s mobility had improved thanks to the yoga class, and I was thinking I should join a yoga class. My mother told myself and others it was strenuous at first, however she knew I could benefit from yoga just as much as she had. I wasn’t sure if that was meant as a compliment to her yoga professor, or an insult to me. I thought I was in pretty good shape, but blatantly Dad thought differently.


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