My anniversary dress had somehow gotten smaller.

I bought my anniversary dress right after I became engaged.

I found an amazing deal on the anniversary dress, and it fit myself and others well right off the rack.

I was sure I was going to need some alterations done before the anniversary, however I was okay with that. About more than one weeks before the anniversary, I pulled out my dress… Either the dress had shrunk from laying in the closet, or I had gained a lot of weight. I was hoping it was the dress shrinking, however I knew I had gained the weight. I called my sibling and asked if she knew of any gyms that had personal trainers. I needed to get a good nutritionist and a personal trainer to take the weight off before the anniversary. She provided to go with me, as did my entire bridal celebration. I was thinking it would be a good time together. After working out with the personal trainer, we would head to the wine bar and have a couple of glasses of wine before heading home. When we got to the first class, the personal trainer singled myself and others out. She told myself and others that I had to workout with her. She was about multiple inches taller and had muscles love those of body builders. I asked her not to hurt me, and she smiled. I wasn’t sure what the personal trainer had in mind, but this was not it. She was a certified nutritionist and she told myself and others I had to follow my diet or she would make my next exercise class even harder. I wasn’t sure if this was possible, however I didn’t want to tempt her. For a personal trainer, she was quite intimidating.

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