Looking for a Good Boiler Installation Company

We just lost our hot water in the house so I am going in search of an HVAC company who can install a new one.

I would like to upgrade our current system to a more modern and energy efficient type.

I’ve heard that propane boilers are pretty efficient so I am going to look more into those types. I don’t think we can get our current water heater fixed as it is quite rusty and there are signs of leaks in the tank so I think it is pretty much done. I’m not sure the cost of getting a new one installed but we are going to have to get it done because we have no hot water and taking showers is not going to be fun given it is the middle of winter. I think the water temperature when it is not heated at all is around the 55F mark, which is way too cold for me to try and take a shower. I’m going to have to contact the HVAC business tomorrow because today is Sunday and nothing is open in our town. I am hoping that they are open tomorrow because it is a bank holiday and a lot of places will be closed tomorrow too. I think the HVAC rep told me that they are open tomorrow but I can’t be sure. If they are open then I am going to try and get someone out here to give me a quote for a new boiler with installation. I think I’ve saved enough money to get it done.



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