I’m Feeling Dopey so It Must be Time for a Nap

It is three in the afternoon now and my energy is starting to wane.

I am going to play some ball later and need to replenish my energy, so I am going to take an hour or so nap and get myself recharged for another night of fun with my friends.

I hold my friends close to my heart here because I have no family anywhere in the country here and all of my old time friends are living life back in my hometown. I’ve made a lot of connections working for the local contractor as he has me going to people’s homes to work on their HVAC systems. I do a lot of work with ductwork sealing and cleaning and have to wear a mask a lot when I work but most of the time it isn’t a hassle because the jobs are pretty fast. I have met a ton of people in this town and made friends with a handful of them. I appreciate hanging out on the beach with the ball players as well as having a cup of tea with the HVAC techs at my work. I am still trying to master the language here but am a lot better than I used to be several years ago. I just need to push a bit more and I’ll be good to go with talking to anyone here. We usually speak Spanish at the HVAC company so that helps a lot with my learning but I need to work on my vocabulary and learn more words. Slowly but surely is the secret.

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