HVAC Equipment and The Doors

If there are two things I know it is HVAC equipment repair and the band The Doors.

My dad was in the heating and cooling industry and would listen to The Doors when he worked out with his buddy Danny in my grandmother’s basement of their house in upstate NY.

It was then that I decided I wanted to be in the HVAC industry and follow in dad’s footsteps. But life got in the way and pushed me into engineering while in college. I did end up working at an HVAC company that made HVAC equipment and I stayed in the field for seven years before leaving to start my own company. I ran my own company for ten years and then got into skydiving and stand up comedy to feel some kind of passion in my life other than just partying with friends. I was 36 when I started that HVAC company and was jumping out of airplanes trying to find my soul again, which seemed to have drained out of me from all of the partying and wasted time. Comedy reignited the flame inside of me and opened my eyes to a different kind of life, which has taken me overseas to experience a whole different world than that of the USA. I am happy with my time in the HVAC industry because it allowed me the freedom to chase my dreams when I couldn’t with the engineering job because I was working so much and had no energy at the end of the day to do anything else except listen to The Doors.

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