Hungry for a Good Sausage and Egg Breakfast

I’m craving a good sausage and egg breakfast with a side of grits.

Not exactly something you find in every restaurant here on the Spanish coast in a small town.

They do sell these non sausage links in the store which taste amazing, so I may have to pop in there soon and grab some. I have corn meal which can be made into grits just by boiling them in water and adding salt and butter. If you’ve never had grits give them a try and be sure to eat them with breakfast sausage and eggs. My HVAC rep is from the south and got me into grits a long time ago when he gave me some with sausage grease on top for taste. I loved them and would make them a lot when living in the states, but since moving overseas almost 10 years ago I haven’t made them at all. My HVAC system is humming away this morning and my kittens are cleaning each other and getting ready for nap number 18 for the day. I am going to run down to the store and see if I can get some sausage and make this breakfast. On Sundays I have a late breakfast and move very slowly throughout the day. The local businesses are mostly closed except for my one grocery store which is calling me to come buy some sausage and eggs and get this breakfast going. I think I will go there now and do some more writing later on. Have a good day and don’t forget to try the grits!



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