Hitting the Beach at Five O’Clock Once it Cools Down

The beaches are packed right now and I am going to wait till 5pm to go out there because the sun is way too strong.

I’ve been playing beach ball for 30 years and don’t need anymore midday sun on my skin so I never go out in the middle of the day anymore.

I’ve had skin cancer taken off of my face five times and now I put sunscreen on each time I go out and I also don’t go out in the midday heat anymore. I’m trying to save my skin from another case of skin cancer. Duct cleaning is on the agenda today and the attic is going to be hot but I will be okay. There are a couple of roof vents up there so it doesn’t get crazy hot like some of the attics I’ve been in without any ventilation. I’ve been an HVAC tech for many years and do my own HVAC system maintenance when I can. I don’t have a lot of tools anymore though so if it is something complex then I just call my HVAC tech buddies to come help me. I also have a whole home air purifier to remove the dust and pollen from the air in my flat as it can get quite dusty in this part of town with all of the dry dirt that hasn’t seen rain in many months. When the wind blows the dust gets all over the place, including my house, so I like to run the air purifier as much as possible so it stays clean in here.

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