Got Several Volleyball Students this Week

This week is going to be my heaviest week of teaching beach volleyball.

Tomorrow I have a birthday party for 20 kids whose parents want me to teach them for an hour and then let them loose on my court.

That will be an easy one because some of them know how to play and I can have them help me teach the class. Then on Tuesday I have three siblings I’ll be teaching a private course for and I think they are going to want several lessons. I have one more private lesson with an HVAC specialist who wants to learn how to play two on two beach volleyball. I think next week I will just have the three siblings again and maybe the week after that before they leave my town. I think the HVAC worker has the most potential because he used to be a basketball player for many years and probably has good hand eye coordination. The best people to teach are ex tennis players because there are a lot of similarities between the two sports. I need to get a heating tune-up soon and maybe the HVAC expert who I am training can help me out. He works locally and I think he does service calls so it may be a good time to get it done considering that winter is coming pretty soon and the temp is going to be dropping rapidly, requiring me to run my furnace once again. I like when winter is here because the town gets quiet and our beaches are ours once again.


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