Going on a raft adventure was thrilling

When it’s over 100 degrees during the hours of the day, I cannot rest at the beach house all day and run the AC equipment! If I do, it will cost a good amount of money and cause deranged destruction to our AC equipment.

My sibling runs the AC on 68 all day and all night and the equipment lasts roughly five years on average. Of course, he doesn’t get any correct service provided either, so that doesn’t help the equipment especially much. I do my best to take care of our Heating and Air Conditioning equipment because I do not have money to waste in such a way. I have scheduled service performed and I do not run the AC equipment non stop unless it is totally necessary. It was 105 degrees on Sunday and I was at the beach house all day. I called up a couple of good friends to see if they wanted to go to the river for a while. I called Jack, even though he had to do tasks all day and so did Mark and David. My coworker was off, so I gave him a call. We haven’t particularly hung out much since the guy started working with me, although I thought this was a fair chance to get to know eachother better. I have a substantial raft and the people I was with and I took it out on the water all day. The raft was substantial enough for both of us and we had plenty of room for supplies such as the fishing pole and all of our tackle. I got a pretty enjoyable sunburn that actual day, but I am fairly sure I saved about $35 by not using the AC equipment all day.