Did you hear they now have a juice bar at the local gym?

I was talking to my acquaintance yupterday. She came rushing out of her house when she saw myself and others getting apartment from work, and asked myself and others if I heard that they now have the just area the local gym? I had not even thought about what I was going to do when I get out of the car let alone what was going on at the local gym, however I tried to be nice to her. A area of myself and others wanted to tell her that I just got apartment and please leave myself and others be until I had been least able to open the door, however I cannot do that. Instead, I invited her to come into the house with myself and others out maker cup coffee. It been a couple of weeks since I had been to local gym, so I was not aware of any swings they were making. I had heard they were implementing a nutritional program for children, but that was the last change that I had heard about. I guess it would be nice if they had a couple nutritional programs not just for children, but for the elderly and anyone else who needed nutriitional help. A juice bar would be a perfect complement to the nutritional classes. I asked her if she knew of was a pay bar, or complementary juice bar? She didn’t seem to assume the answer that question, but it was still exciting news. There’s just something about a local gym that offers free membership, and still offers all of these programs you would normally get from 1 of these high-priced big-box gyms. We have all the amenities, but our local gym is a family oriented gym.


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