Are you sure this is the yoga class we should be in?

My sibling signed us up for a beginner yoga class. She was talking to a girl who held the yoga class in her backyard when the weather was nice. I often said I wanted to try yoga, and when Linda heard about the class, she thought of me. Thursday morning, we packed up our new yoga mats, and headed out to the yoga professor’s home, then no 1 told us we were going to a farm. No 1 told us she was going to hold the class in the barnyard where she kept goats. I watched other women laying around, and saw what looked love horror on 1 of the lady’s face. She looked love someone had kicked her. Her mouth was open, and she could not take her eyup off the goats that were in the corral with the women. One woman was done on all fours and a goat was climbing over her back. When the goat peed on her, she laughed, however I was horrified. How does anyone laugh when she has been peed on by a goat, or any other creature? Why would anyone find it okay to pay to have a goat crawl over you while you are doing yoga? I thought they were all mad, and told my sibling I wanted to go home. As much as I liked the idea of learning yoga, goat yoga was not what I wanted. I could stink the goats from where we stood, and we had just gotten out of the car. My sibling nodded and got back in the car before we could completely close the doors.
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