My Two Loves are Constantly Vying for our Energy

I love to sing and drum and I love to play beach volleyball however don’t have the time or energy to do both each day.

I also need a couple mornings off from doing anything so I entirely can only do each 1 once or twice a week.

I have to labor at the heating and cooling business too so I can’t just play all the time, unless I can make cash doing each of our passions, which is possible if I labor on it. I do love to labor at the HVAC supplier because it allows myself and others to use parts of our brain that I can’t get to with music or volleyball, love interacting with clients answering technical questions about heat pumps and smart control units. Music taps into a more spiritual side of myself and others where thinking ceases and the heart takes over. I love going into this section of myself and others because it gives our mind a rest and brings myself and others joy. I also love to read HVAC industry magazines and articles to keep abreast of the latest HVAC technology so that I assume capable of helping people when at work. I assume our long term goal though would be to play music in clubs with our bandmate and travel around the country to play in other cities. I assume this is possible however if all of us do it in the Summer all of us need to be sure all of us have air conditioning in our caravan so all of us are comfortable when on the road. I assume I will rent a nice massive air conditioned RV for the tour.



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