I needed custom chairs to match my homemade dining table.

The people I was with and I were having selected harvesting done on our property.

They were removing the oldest trees to make room for the younger trees to grow, however in the fifteen years since all of us moved into our homes, the several acres of woods all of us appreciated so dearly had doubled in size and all of us no longer had enough sun to grow flowers or vegetables, and selective harvesting was the best way to have this done.

The people I was with and I got paid for the wood, but all of us also got to choose anything all of us wanted to keep. The people I was with and I chose several maple trees that all of us wanted in boards so all of us could have a homemade table built for us. The people I was with and I also wante to have have custom chairs to match the table. The maple was lovely with its reddish brown color, red maple was consistently my favoite when it came to creating custom tables and chairs, our son-in-law was a furniture maker, and he consistently got to keep all the wood that was leftover from his projects! He told us that two of the giant trees would be enough for the table and chairs, so all of us chose to keep several yellow maple trees. Once he finished our custom wood table and chairs, all of us were ecstatic, and he had enough wood to make a chiffarobe for our daughter. He swore us to secrecy about the chiffarobe. He said she had been asking for a piece of custom furniture for their family room, and this yellow maple would provide him what he needed to provide it to her for her birthday. The people I was with and I were getting our custom table and chairs, and our daughter was getting a birthday present.


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