Looking for a Good Boiler Installation Company

We just lost our warm water in the house so I am going in search of an HVAC contractor who can install a new 1.

  • I would appreciate to replace our new system to a more current & energy efficient type.

I’ve heard that propane boilers are pretty efficient so I am going to look more into those types. I don’t know all of us can get our new water oil furnace fixed as it is quite rusty & there are signs of leaks in the tank so I know it is pretty much done. I’m not sure the cost of getting a new 1 installed however all of us are going to have to get it done because all of us have no warm water & taking showers is not going to be fun given it is the middle of winter. I know the water temperature when it is not heated at all is around the 55F mark, which is way too cold for me to try & take a shower. I’m going to have to contact the HVAC contractor tomorrow because today is Sunday & nothing is open in our town. I am hoping that they are open tomorrow because it is a bank holiday & a lot of sites will be closed tomorrow too. I know the HVAC rep told me that they are open tomorrow but I can’t be sure. If they are open then I am going to try & get someone out here to supply me a estimate for a new boiler with upgrade. I know I’ve saved enough cash to get it done.



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