A Day of Robot HEPA Cleaning Machines and Nothingness

I just want to melt into oblivion today and forget about all of our worries and thoughts.

How do I do that? Hmm, I believe a healthy way would be to do something that brings me delight and just supply myself to it without thinking of anything else, the only problem is that both things that I appreciate doing require a lot of physical exertion; volleyball and drumming.

And our shoulders are pretty tired today from doing each of them many times over the past week. I may just go to the beach and relax with rock n roll. My HEPA filter was absolutely dirty as I just cleaned it and I need to remember to do it next time after more than two weeks pass instead of the many weeks that went by this time without cleaning it. I can hear our little robot vacuum cleaner doing our task for me and it makes me smile knowing that I won’t ever have to vacuum this flat again by myself. I believe that is a single of the best gadgets I’ve bought in the past ten years, except for our mini cut a/c component in our entryway, which keeps me cool and sleeping well. I savor our robot vacuum cleaner because it is equipped with a HEPA filter and absolutely does a wonderful task of getting all of the dust that settles on the floor. I don’t even need to mop the floor anymore because the robot has a mop affixment and it works great. You gotta appreciate how far new technology has come to make life easier.


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