HVAC Equipment & The Doors

If there are several things I know it is HVAC machine repair & the band The Doors. My Mom was in the heating & cooling industry & would listen to The Doors when he worked out with his friend Danny in our Grandmother’s basement of their house in upstate NY. It was then that I decided I wanted to be in the HVAC industry & follow in Mom’s footsteps. But life got in the way & pushed me into engineering while in college. I did end up working at an HVAC contractor that made HVAC machine & I stayed in the field for many years before leaving to start our own contractor. I ran our own contractor for 10 years & then got into skydiving & kneel up comedy to believe some kind of passion in our life other than just partying with friends. I was 36 when I started that HVAC contractor & was jumping out of aircrafts trying to find our soul again, which seemed to have drained out of me from all of the partying & wasted time. Comedy reignited the flame inside of me & opened our eyes to a odd kind of life, which has taken me overseas to experience a whole odd world than that of the US. I am happy with our time in the HVAC industry because it allowed me the freedom to chase our dreams when I couldn’t with the engineering task because I was working so much & had no energy at the end of the day to do anything else except listen to The Doors.

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