Turning my closet into another room

I recently had this really interesting idea where I was going to try to turn my closet into another room. If you’re wondering how exactly that’s going to work it is because my closet is not just any closet. It is huge. My closet as I walk in is very spacious, but the thing is I don’t really go and buy a lot of things that I would have to store in a closet. I have a lot of excess space that I simply don’t need. So I was thinking about converting my walking closet and to a mini room that I could use as an arts and crafts room for the children. My kids really love our crafts and they have been wanting something like this for a while and I figured that I am probably never going to use the closet for clothes or anything so we’re not turning into an arts and crafts room for them. It’s even mini sized which is perfect for kids. I started with repainting the walls, since I was making this for kids I wanted to be something colorful and fun. So I let my kids help me pick out some designs and I repainted the walls of the closet. The floor of the course was carpet and I didn’t want carpet for an arts and crafts room. As I’m sure you could imagine that would be quite messy, so I instead replace it with some hardwood floors, anything that would be easy to clean up lastly there was no air vent inside of here so I needed to add some sort of air conditioning system so the room would be cool during the summer months which is when the kids would use the most. I decided to go with a window air conditioning system, I didn’t need anything really fancy but just something that would work enough to keep the room cool. I picked one up from my local HVAC business and finished setting up the room.


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