The best HVAC company in town went out of business

I cannot believe that the best HVAC company in our town went out of business.

I am glad that there are other HVAC companies in our town, but none of them were like this one.

The HVAC company went out of business because the owner died. I figured that one of the HVAC technicians would take it over, but after the owner died, none of them were interested. Instead, the HVAC company was sold to one of the other HVAC companies in town, and the HVAC technicians went and found jobs at the other HVAC companies. However, this HVAC company was very special, and they will not be replaced. All of the HVAC companies have good services, but none of the HVAC companies take the time to remember their customers as the owner of the old HVAC company. He remembered every detail of every conversation and wrote birthday cards to his regular customers. He constantly offered discounts on the HVAC services, and he would fix HVAC units for free if people couldn’t afford it. The kind heart of the owner of the HVAC company eventually was passed on to the HVAC technicians, who went out of their way to provide great customer service. I hope that the HVAC technicians keep those practices, but I know that no other HVAC company will be able to match this one. I have been using this HVAC company for decades and trying to find a new HVAC company that I like is going to be hard. They aren’t as good, and they are also more expensive.

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