It takes time to do good work

I don’t exactly know for certain if this is a fact or not, but in my experience when it comes to heating, ventilation, & A/C device specialists doing HVAC tune ups & check ups, when they take longer to do them & spend more time on it, it is of a much higher quality.

I honestly have had various heating, ventilation, & A/C specialists over the years do our HVAC tune ups & check ups, & I noticed the ones that take a couple of hours always end up being the best… The ones that take an hour are okay… And the ones that take a half hour or less are usually the ones that do not catch everything & I end up having a heating, ventilation, & A/C device breakdown at some point over the next few weeks. This is my personal findings & experience & I could be wrong in what I am saying, but this is how it has always worked out for me. I am not a heat & air conditioning device expert or quality assurance person by any means, but for all I actually know this is all just coincidence & I could be talking a bunch of false information about the heating, ventilation, & A/C device business. What are your experiences with heating, ventilation, & A/C specialists, the amount of time they take when doing HVAC tune ups & check ups & what have you found? That would be what I am truly curious to know. My next heating, ventilation, & A/C tune up & check up is due this upcoming week. I will pay close attention to how it goes.

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