I miss the place I used to live

I was truly thinking about the space of the country I used to live in! And let me tell you the Winter time months were not so easy! I remember having to crank the central heating equipment all the time just to stay particularly warm. In doing this it caused numerous high electric bills, but so high that one time I almost went broke! I am not even joking with you! Well, I finally moved from that area of the country because of that particular drawback. I was completely sick of the high electric bills from running the central heating equipment all of the time in the Winter time months of the year. In the Summer time months of course I had to run the central air conditioning equipment but it was not as much as I had to run the central heating equipment. Well, just my luck where I moved to now is the exact reverse! I did not altogether solve the problem because now in the warm season months of the year it is so deadly tepid that I am running and cranking the central air conditioning equipment all of the time! This is giving me the same high electric bills, just another time of the year. I absolutely should have remained back home because I would rather deal with cold weather than these oven tepid uneven temperatures I have now in the hot season. Really what I need to do is find the most suitable climate in the country and transport there! That would be the answer to basically everything.

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