The shower was dirty, however there wasn't any heat either

I can put up with a lot of disappointing situations. I was in the military for several years. I spent four of those years in combat. I slept in a ditch and a trench. I didn’t have any heat or a/c the whole time I was gone. It was a single of the most miserable times of my whole life, however it particularly gave myself and others a lot of character. I l acquired a lot about teamwork and bravery while I was serving my country. After I left the military, I took a task selling medical supplies. The task was interesting and I acquired a unbelievable residing. I had to spend a lot of time in hotels. That was really a single of the worst parts about that task. I entirely didn’t enjoy being away from my family and friends. I wanted to spend more time at home. That is the reason why I ultimately quit the task. One of my last times on the road, I had an issue with the room heater. The room oil furnace did not work at all. It was a entirely freezing night and the hotel tried to tell myself and others that they didn’t have any other rooms. I was willing to deal with the dirty shower and the stained sheets, although I couldn’t sleep in the room separate from any heat. I made a big ruckus out of the situation until the hotel clerk agreed to find myself and others an appropriate room with the amenities I was paying for, however none of weeks after that situation occurred, I told my boss that I was giving him my 2 month notice. I didn’t want to be a medical supply salesman any longer.


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