The cop agreed to waive the speeding ticket

I was on our way beach apartment from an cooling system repair.

I was on call that weekend and I was on a late night repair.

It was 2 in the afternoon when I was on our way home. The police officer was sitting on the interstate and I was traveling at a fast rate of speed. When I saw the officer, it was already too late. He clocked myself and others going 72 miles an minute in a 65 mph Zone. I was pretty miserable that the cop pulled myself and others over, especially since I was in our work truck, but clearly I was working at the time. The police officer asked myself and others where I was going in a hurry and I told him that I was on our way home. He questioned where I was coming from and why I was working so late on a Sunday night. The officer was going to provide myself and others a $300 ticket for speeding. I asked the officer if he could provide myself and others a warning. I honestly didn’t feel if the guy would do that, however I thought it was worth a shot. The police officer said he would do something even better. He offered myself and others his address. He told myself and others that he could use a tune-up on the heat pump and cooling system in his home. If I did the work for free the next afternoon, then the officer would rip up the ticket and throw it away. It was pretty much blackmail, however I wasn’t going to argue. It only took an minute of our time to complete the tune up and it would have taken a lot more time to acquire enough money to pay for the speeding ticket. I am going to have to keep our eyeah out for that guy.



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