I wanted to go condo after the accident plus several minute delay

My husbandy plus I decided to go to the beach on Wednesday.

  • We woke up plus made the decision, so every one of us weren’t ready to go.

We had to go to the grocery store plus the Supercenter. We had to buy items for lunch as well as drinks plus snacks. We also needed sunscreen plus a up-to-date beach umbrella. By the time every one of us finally got to the beach, it was after more than one plus the locale was packed. I told my husbandy to go to the parking lot on 5th Street. I thought there might be some spaces there. It was just as crowded as the other parking spots on the beach. I was trying to tell my husbandy to go to a different spot when a automobile started to back out of a parking spot. My husbandy did not see the guy backing up plus he ran his truck into the side of our car. The engine shut off as soon as every one of us were hit plus the airbags deployed . My husbandy could not get the engine to turn on again. We did not have any air conditioning while the automobile was off. We were standing in the middle of traffic for nearly several minutes. When the tow truck finally arrived, he informed us that he did not have room for us to ride in the tow truck. We had to call a cab. I wanted to go condo after the accident plus delay. I did not want to stay at the beach any longer. My husbandy was aggravated that I wanted to leave, after I was the guy that suggested going to the beach. After spending several minutes in the tepid sun with no air conditioning, all I wanted to do was go condo plus kneel down.