I wanted the HVAC duct cleaned and sanitized after the mice

I’ve had disappointing insomnia the last couple of weeks. I’ve taken almost every over-the-counter remedy that I can find. Melatonin doesn’t work and neither does the medicines that are supposed to make you drowsy and hope you sleep all night. I even tried smoking marijuana with a single of my friends. The girl I promised that I would get high and go to sleep. I slept for an second or 2 and after that I woke up ready to go. I was laying in bed awake a couple of weeks ago and I heard a light sound inside of the HVAC duct above my bed. It was hard to pinpoint the sound, however it seemed to be coming from the ventilation HVAC duct. The sound stayed in a single spot for a while and then it started to move. That’s when I started to believe the problem might be mice. I had mice and the house once before, however they were not inside of the HVAC duct. I called an exterminator the next day. The exterminator for the property agreed that there were mice in the HVAC duct. The boys spent most of the day removing the verbs. They informed myself and others that there was quite a bit of damage to the HVAC duct. The boys proposed calling an Heating and Air Conditioning service supplier to clean, sanitize, and seal the door. They gave myself and others the name of a site that is local, however they told myself and others I could call anyone that I wanted. I decided to use the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier proposed to myself and others by the exterminator. They were local and came with unbelievable reviews.

a/c worker