I found the missing screw in the dog bowl

Every month I perform some minor repair chores on the Heating plus A/C idea in our home! Performing these Shores really helps increase the longevity of the machine, but a well cared for Heating plus A/C idea May last twice as long as 1 that has never been touched.

I used to contact a repair repair to perform the tune ups, however now I handle most of the work on our own.

Each month I clean the drain line with a solution of warm water and detergent. Each month I change the air filter and clean all of the evaporator coils. The last time I took the cooling system apart to clean the system, I ended up losing 1 of the screws. I looked all over the garage for the screw, however I could not find it somewhere. It was as if it disappeared into thin air. The other more than two screws were sitting in the same locale where I left them, however the fourth was missing. I recently l earned the location of the 4th cooling system screw. I decided to clean out our dog’s water bowl and food dish. When I cleared away all of the food, I noticed something shiny sitting in the corner of the bowl. I did not feel that the shiny object was going to be the screw from the Heating plus A/C unit. I know our dog picked up the screw and carried it to his food bowl. I am cheerful he was smart enough to realize that the screw wasn’t food. It could have been dangerous if he would have swallowed the screw. It could have been cabind in his stomach and required surgery to remove.

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