So much dust, and no HVAC technician to clean the ductwork.

When I moved in to my new home, I didn’t realize there were no HVAC companies in the area.

I asked one of my nearest neighbors who she used as an HVAC technician? She said they have a neighbor on the farm down the road from us, and he always came up and did all their HVAC service and repairs.

I asked if it would be okay if I called him, and she laughed. She asked why it wouldn’t be okay for me to call him? I was a little nervous about calling a farmer and asking him to check my HVAC system. I knew I needed to have the ductwork cleaned, but I wasn’t sure if he could do that type of work. I put the phone number on my kitchen counter and let it there for about three days before I finally picked up the phone and called him. An hour later, there was a man standing at my door. He told me he was Michael, and he was the local HVAC repair man. I thanked Michael for coming over quickly. I explained to him about all the dust and how I needed to have the ductwork cleaned. Michael pulled his phone out and dialed a phone number. He told the person he had a ductwork cleaning job and asked me if the time and date they cited him would work?. He gave me his card, which read ‘Michael’s HVAC company’. He said there wasn’t enough work in the area to just work as an HVAC technician, so he worked at his father’s farm when he wasn’t busy. He was always available if I needed any help.
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