I don’t like ductwork

I am not a fan of owning duct work.

It has been nothing but a pain in the rear since I bought my house.

Ductwork in theory is supposed to achieve a whole home temperature for you. The HVAC connects to a series of 8 inch metal ducts that are hidden in the walls and ceilings. Each room has an air vent opening that the heating and air comes out of. Ideally a whole home should be able to change the temperature in under twenty minutes. Who wants to have their house the same temperature? I have rooms that I never use. There is a guest room and second bathroom that I hardly walk into. I am paying to provide heating and air to them. I also only use my laundry room once a week. Why does that get the same HVAC as my bedroom? I am paying too much money for my needs. Another con is that my ductwork is always dirty. It is partially my fault since I am always doing projects. I am sanding, scrapping popcorn and tearing down walls. The HVAC sucks up the dust and it lingers in the ductwork. I then have polluted indoor air quality and dirty surfaces. I feel like I am calling the HVAC worker once a month to perform ductwork cleaning. Another con is that it requires ductwork sealing from time to time. A hole the size of a dime can cause giant energy bills. Think about it, all that air is leaving and not going to your home. Ductwork sealing appointments are annoying and require the HVAC worker to track all over your home too.

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