Using air conditioning to get the crowd riled up

Our town isn’t really big, but we do have a couple claims to fame, and one of them is a retired pro wrestler, who was immense in the deep south back in the 70s and 90s, who settled down here to open a wrestling school, but it has become one of the more respected pro wrestling training dojos in the country, and a few major stars have trained under this guy, as part of the school they put on bi-weekly shows for the public, and I attend them religiously.

Over the last few months I have fallen in love with this poor guy wrestler who comes out dressed like a heating and air conditioning tech! He calls himself the Heater, plus he consistently makes the entire crowd so irritated they yell insults at him and throw trash in the ring, and you wouldn’t guess an HVAC tech would make for a detestable villain, but this guy does an amazing job.

When the crowd boos him he pulls out his phone and uses the smart temperature control app to turn off the central A/C for the location. It only takes hours for the place to start heating up, plus he tells them the A/C will stay off until they treat him with respect. Of course the place comes unglued and everyone screams at him to turn the A/C back on, which he refuses to do, but the guy is a bad wrestler, plus consistently loses, but he knows how to use the A/C to get a reaction out of people, plus getting a reaction from the crowd is what pro wrestling is all about.

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