The owner of the HVAC repair company tipped me fifty bucks

On Fridays and Saturday nights, I deliver pizzas for a local Italian restaurant.

I’ve been picking up extra shifts at the pizzeria to pay for repairs on my car.

The repairs aren’t serious, so I can still drive from the restaurant to make deliveries. Last Friday night I was working the late shift. A call came into the store and the owner of an HVAC repair company ordered 20 large pizzas. It was a large order, so the manager called the HVAC repair company to double-check that the order was real. The owner of the business explained that all of the repairmen were working late in the shop. He was rewarding their hard work with free pizza. My boss and I started making all of the pizzas. Half of them were just cheese, but the other half had random toppings like onions, bell peppers, ham, and pepperoni. I stuffed all 10 pieces into the trunk of my car and drove over to the address of the HVAC repair company. The owner was waiting outside when I arrived. He helped me carry the boxes into the shop. Every one of the repair technicians looked like they were in a good mood. A couple of them were drinking beers. The owner of the HVAC repair company tipped me deep but. That is easily the biggest tip that I have ever received, especially from the owner of a business. The guy was super nice too. A couple more deliveries like that and it won’t take long to save the money of the car repairs.


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