I might have to split with my roommate soon

After living on our own for my entire adult life, I had to get a roommate.

This was a drastic need for financial reasons, so even though it was the last thing I wanted to do, I had no choice.

They keep raising prices, they keep raising rent, but they never raise pay do they? So Pat moved into the spare home office, and that alone makes it possible for me to keep living in this house that I appreciate so much, and I tell you, as soon as I get enough money coming in, I will kick Pat right out and go back to living alone, and won’t feel bad about it. The main problem so far is the cooling system, because Pat likes it a whole lot colder inside than I do. Pat is the genre of person who will crank down the control device to the lowest setting just so he can wrap himself in a blanket to watch TV. It infuriates me, because I took a roommate to save money and now our utility bills were almost doubled because of how much he ran the cooling system! I decided to keep calm about it, and explain to Pat how more moderate weather conditions control usage results in saving a hundred or more dollars a month on utility bills. If Pat wanted to keep using the AC so much, then he would have to pay more than half of the utility bill, a compromise I thought was fair. Pat didn’t guess it was fair, though, so the people I was with and I may have to section ways soon.

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