I contacted someone online and that was a bad idea

My wife and I had a problem with the heat pump, and the professional HVAC repair company wanted $575 to repair the problem.

  • My wife and I decided to contact a couple of other places to see if we could get a lower estimate for the work.

We called a couple of HVAC repair companies in town and they were relatively the same price. My wife and I decided to look online. We went on Craigslist and found an HVAC technician willing to do the work for half the cost. I had to buy the repair parts on my own, but I still saved $200 on the repair. The technician took most of the day to repair the heat pump. When he left the house, the heat was running. It wasn’t very warm in the house, but warm air was coming out of the vents. The temperature never reached the desired setting on the thermostat. The heat pump ran all night without a single break. My wife and I decided to contact the contractor in the morning. I wanted the guy to come back to the house and have a look at the heat pump. My wife called the number several times and each time the phone went to voicemail. We never got a call back from the contractor and eventually had to call a regular service provider to handle the repair. The online contractor took our money and did not complete the work properly. I felt like an idiot after getting swindled for almost $400. At fifty years old, I should have known to contact a professional first.

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