I have never met an HVAC technician who wasn’t friendly and passionate about his job

Has it ever felt like work has become a chore? Are you bored or do you feel a lack of motivation? I can relate to this because I worked as an Accountant, and the majority of my day was spent reviewing spreadsheets and interpreting numbers on my screen.

It took a lot of patience and self control to not go insane, why did I select that career path again? But I digress.

There are some jobs that can be mundane and boring while others can be unique and exciting. One job that I think is exciting is being an HVAC technician. I have never met an HVAC technician who didn’t love what he did. They always have a positive attitude and are always willing to offer techniques to guarantee that my HVAC unit functions efficiently. I am not savvy when it comes to central air systems, but the limited knowledge that I have gained over the years came from all the interactions that I’ve had with multiple HVAC servicemen. They enjoy the hands-on aspect of fixing HVAC units, and some service calls create unique and challenging experiences for them. I have been using the same HVAC technician for over 5 years, and he is extremely passionate about what he does. Working with him has made my life easier, and that passion shows in the service that he performs. He always goes the extra mile to guarantee that he does a good job. I wish more people were as friendly and as passionate about their jobs like my HVAC service technician, perhaps we could all take a page from the HVAC technician customer service handbook.


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