The new way

It really boggles the mind how things have changed in the world.

Especially in HVAC technology.

These days one of the biggest things that have changed is the fact that everyone uses a smart thermostat. Well, everyone except me. Smart thermostats are supposed to save you a lot of money on energy use. However, I am not a big fan of smart technology. I tried some of it before, but not in terms of thermostat. I just do not like the idea of having to control a thermostat on a cell phone or computer app first off. Second off, even though you do not have to do that, I have heard that smart thermostats being controlled by hand causes some issues sometimes. One of the main ones I heard was the thermostat not reacting to what you select. For instance, a friend of mine tells me that his smart thermostat when not controlled by the app will take forever to shut off. So if it is too cold from too much air conditioning or too hot from too much heating, when you go to shut off the central heating and air conditioning system it will not shut down! It can take up to 5 minutes for this so called “smart” thermostat to figure out that you just hit the off button. That is horrible. You have to suffer 5 minutes unless you use the app. That to me right there says imperfection and flawed. Why would I want to mess with something that is flawed and that no one ever mentioned? No thank you! I will stick to my old dial thermostat.

Smart thermostat