Installing a security plan for our mother

My mother recently turned 69 years old, however she remains certainly active and independent.

She has no trouble driving herself wherever she needs to go.

She mows and rakes her shrubbery, weeds the gardens and handles all of the household responsibilities… Despite her wonderful health, I worry about her living alone. I make sure to call her every day and I usually stop in for a visit, but that isn’t enough; Last year, for Mother’s Day, I invested in a security plan for her house… The security plan includes motion-activated lighting, surveillance cameras, door locks, glass breakage sensors, smoke detectors and an alarm! Whenever someone enters the house, it’s necessary to punch in the security code. If the wrong or no code is provided, the alarm sounds and our mother and I both get alerted. If all of us fail to provide the password, the local authorities are notified… For the first many months after the security plan was set up, our mother tripped the alarm multiple times. It took her a while to get used to the code, then now that she’s usual with the operation of the security system, she absolutely prefers it. She prefers that a chime sounds whenever someone pulls into the driveway. She just enjoys watching the footage from the security cameras on her computer. She’s started feeding the neighborhood stray cats, and she watched them eat from the dish. I love that there’s a panic button. If there’s an emergency, she can just hit that green button to get help. The security plan has given both our mother and I peace of mind.
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