I didn’t think they were so expensive

I was all excited and looking forward to getting a ductless mini chop a/c. The plan was to buy it, then call the local heating, ventilation, and A/C company to have them send out a certified heat and a/c specialist to convert the ductless mini chop air conditioning plan into a fully laboring ductless heating and a/c! This would have saved me a lot of currency on our weekly energy bills, then however, when I went to look into buying the ductless mini chop air conditioning plan I was over shocked by how expensive and expensive it was! There was no way in the world I could afford this. Sure, they say that you will eventually have the ductless mini chop air conditioning plan pay for itself with all the currency you will start saving on weekly electric bills. But, the issue is that is over a phase of a few years. Having the currency up front to buy a ductless mini chop air conditioning plan was the issue for me. If only I could get some kind of a payment plan to get the ductless mini chop a/c, then I would be able to buy it. I do not know. Maybe I will make some calls to some heating, ventilation, and A/C companies and see if they offer ductless mini chop a/cs on payment plans. I have only been looking in proper stores that sell Heating and A/C products and are not heat and a/c companies.


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