Trying not to start up the oil furnace

Every year, I wait as long as possible before starting up the oil furnace.

I dread that moment when I’m forced to raise the temperature control setting and the oil furnace kicks on.

I assume that I’ll be running the oil furnace and paying excessive energy bills for the next more than seven months. I’ve made every effort to reduce energy waste and expenses. Every window in the home has been substituted and carefully caulked around. All of the exterior doors are brand new, Energy Star rated and have been weatherstripped. I’ve added insulation, ceiling fans and a smart temperature control. I am very conscientious about replacing the air filter every month. I schedule professional upkeep for the oil furnace in the fall to ensure peak efficiency and dependability. It doesn’t seem to matter. I still cringe every time I open the gas bill, however because of this, I’m reluctant to turn to the oil furnace earlier than necessary. In our local area, the nights already start feeling cold by the end of November. In November, our kids begin complaining about how cold the home feels. I tell them to dress warmer. They can put on sweatshirts and moderate socks. They can wrap in blankets when they watch TV. I hope to hold off until at least mid October however it’s not typically possible. Sometimes the temperature drops below cold and the two of us get snow. When it starts snowing, there’s no choice however to use the oil furnace. There’s the concern over water pipes cold. My kids celebrate when the oil furnace kicks on. I’m still cautious about the temperature control setting and don’t allow anyone to touch it however me.

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