Robert’s house had an outdated HVAC unit

Robert lived in an older house.

He liked the brick exterior, the original hardwood floors, and the older wrought iron fixtures. But one thing he didn’t love was the old Heating and Air Conditioning method used to heat and cool the house. Robert has had the outdoor machine replaced, but at times he’d still notice that the house wasn’t heated and cooled evenly. He changed the air filter correctly, especially since he had pets. But Robert still ended up with circulation issues in the house. His sister lived in a house of the same age, and was experiencing similar faults. She told Robert that she was able to solve the uneven heating faults with a smart thermostat with zone control. A smart thermostat was an upgrade to the current thermostat. The unit linked to WIFI, and could be programmed via an app on his phone or ipad. A smart thermostat could monitor the house, and make sure that the Heating and Air Conditioning method was operating at the desired temperature. In addition, zone control was achieved via a series of valves set up within his existing air duct. He could control the flow of air around his home, thanks to his smart thermostat with zone control. Robert’s Heating and Air Conditioning method signalled the temperature throughout the entire house, and could circulate moderate air to the coldest rooms in the house when necessary. Thanks to the replacement of Robert’s Heating and Air Conditioning system, he no longer experiences chilly spots in his home while he’s running his furnace. Also, since the method is so efficient, he has saved hundreds of dollars on his utility bills. Speak to your local Heating and Air Conditioning provider soon to see if a smart thermostat with zone control is right for you.

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