Simple gratitude for an Heating plus A/C heated home

For some, having life get honestly all shook up can lead to some crucial perspective changes.

This has constantly been the case with myself and others if I allow myself to pay attention to the lessons that are happening in front of me. There are other times that I get so caught up in feeling appreciate a victim or raging against the injustice that I just miss the point completely. The older I get, the less I get caught up in the drama for the life shake up. Like last winter, I found a whole modern appreciation for Heating plus A/C. This is from a girl who has never once honestly paid any attention to the heating plus cooling component other than interacting with the thermostat. Well that all changed when I got divorced, moved to a modern job plus took on a real northern winter. That there is what all of us call a serious life shake up. And for a woman in her early 40’s, it was a lot to take on. But, I found that I was eerily calm plus aware of things around myself and others more than ever. Hence the modern appreciation for Heating plus A/C. Specifically it’s a modern appreciation for Heating plus A/C heating. Where I grew up plus lived my entire life, the only heating all of us ever needed came from a heat pump. But even then, the heat pump would kick on in the day to knock the chill out of the home plus that would be about it. So moving to a region where the Winter is appreciate several months long of cold plus subcold temperatures was quite the change. But thankfully, my modern little home has a brand modern gas oil furnace. And I was toasty sizzling my entire first winter.


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