Running app is motivational

I workout every day.

Most of the time, I head out for a run. I feel good about running because it provides a huge calorie burn, gets my heart pumping and my lungs working. Plus, running includes a wide range of muscles. It’s an ideal opportunity for me to clear my head and eliminate stress. I’ve invested plenty of money on high quality sneakers that are designed for running. I bought two identical pairs and I alternate between them in order to let the shoe regain its shape in-between runs. I listen to music through headphones while I run. I have a camel pack that I wear for easy access to water. Because I run between eight and twelve miles, it’s essential to be good about warming up, stretching and taking days off from high impact cardio to let my muscles rest. Although I vay the routes that I choose, running can become repetitive. In order to motivate myself, I’ve downloaded an app targeted at running onto my phone. The app was free and it is a big ehlp. At specific points throughout the run, a voice interrupts my music to provide helpful information. I’m informed of the distance I’ve run, the average pace, amount of calories burned and if I’m able to beat my personal best. It motivates me to run faster. Plus, the app keeps track of all of my runs, supplying total distance and average pace for the week, month or total history. Having this information gives me insight into my progress. I credit the running app for improving my fitness program, keeping me disciplined and encouraging a sense of pride in my accomplishment.

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