The new AC had sensors that adjusted the temperature in the office

Using less electricity was a huge benefit which would lower our monthly electricity bill.

We wanted the office to feel as comfortable as home so that our staff could enjoy themselves. The experiment we did of removing the walls had given positive results, so we decided to proceed with the modernization plan. We set up a comfortable sitting area where staff could go and sit while working away from their desks. Another change we made was with the AC unit in all the different rooms. Our goal was to go green, so energy efficiency was an essential step for the company. Smart cooling systems replaced the old HVAC units with additional features such as an air purifier and dehumidifier. Additionally, the central AC system had a much-more effective two-stage compressor unit with variable wind speeds. Apart from that, we also requested the AC business to install smart thermostats that would contribute to less electricity consumption by the AC unit. The thermostat had sensors that detect when someone was present in the room. If the space was vacant, the air conditioner would power down and not spend much energy. The AC sensors were an excellent innovation because it meant we didn’t have to keep the HVAC running all the time. Using less electricity was a huge benefit which would lower our monthly electricity bill. I wanted the office to be a game-changer for the industry and a symbol of the new way of doing things. The AC company we contracted was the best in the industry and only hired trained HVAC technicians. The HVAC experts taught us how to use the smart thermostat effectively in line with our green goals. The modern AC system did wonders also for the air quality in the office, leading to fewer cases of people missing work due to health problems.

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