Keeping the apartment HVAC unit alive

My apartment HVAC is a hunk of junk. The landlord was very clear that he would not answer my calls about HVAC related problems. He told me he got the HVAC device freshly serviced. That was a lie. When I checked the air filter it was clogged with hair, dirt and pet dander. Clearly nobody had checked the machine. Luckily I am pretty handy with most machinery. I cleaned the inside as best as I could and I am on it with air filter changes. I regularly muck out my condensate drain, lubricate my motor belt and clean off the cooling coil. I realized that the outdoor unit was even at an angle. This allows coolant to all pool to one side of the machine and it won’t cool as effectively. After leaving it out with some blocks, I had way more success. When I noticed the burnt hair smell with the heating system, I cleaned out the ductwork. I didn’t have any fancy hoses or scrub brushes like a real HVAC contractor, I just did my best with what I had. It worked out pretty well though. The smell is gone. Anytime the HVAC unit threatens to quit or doesn’t work up to snuff, I am able to fix it. I am very worried about the next renter after me. That person won’t know what I do day to day to keep the heater and AC running. They won’t know how to keep this old, picky HVAC unit happy. They will be without temperature control within a month.


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